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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 1 0 Jacksepticeye A Night In The Woods :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 3 0 Next Gen Mane 7 :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 4 4 Macaron and Cheesecake- Alt. Gen :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 4 0 Dementia Equestria Girls :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Phoenix, Songbird, and Dragonfly- Alt. NG :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Tour Of Ponyville- Alt. NG :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 2 13 The Infernal Devices :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Party Cannon and Briar Bush: Alt. NG :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Happy Hearts and Hooves Day :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 1 0 Beatbox :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Autumn And Ecto :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Buckie :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 1 0 Happy Birthday Jack! :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 0 0 Happy Birthday AmazingPhil :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 1 0 Mlp Adopts #2 [FINISHED] :iconscrewyourpositivity:ScrewYourPositivity 8 21


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GUESS WHOS BIRTHDAY IT WAS SATURDAY. YEAH. YOU GUESSED IT. ITS ME. Sorry I didn't post this then, I had the busiest weekend EVER. Anyway, here's this.
Jacksepticeye A Night In The Woods
Finally something that isn't ponies. Like god, mix it up a bit. Ok, so I've been OBSESSED with this series. So, I drew Jack in the style of the game. I'm so excited to see how the game ends. Like with Undertale, I haven't played the game, but I love drawing for it. I should be doing more with it shortly.
Next Gen Mane 7
Ok so I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, so here it is! The next gen m6 and dragon, I guess. Also I don't know why I put them in Manehatten, but they do live in Ponyville. And yes, I know. My ships are weird and they don't look EXACTLY like their parents mushed together. I got creative. Sue me.
OK so we have::
-Eclipse; Twilight x Flash
Eclipse is an introverted, shy, nerdy bookworm. For the daughter of the princess of friendship, she's surprisingly bad at making friends. She's pretty awkward around other ponies.
-Screwball; Fluttershy x Discord
Pretty similar to most of the versions of Screwy on the internet. Cheery, friendly,and a great sense of humor. Obviously, a bit random at times, and her magic can be a problem at times.
-Root Beer Float; Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich
A lot like Pinkie and Cheese. Bouncy, silly and fun. However, although she enjoys a good party, she prides herself much more on baking. She's the oldest of her friends. She is close friends with Pumpkin and Pound Cake, and has a bit of a crush on Pound even though he's a few years older than her.
-Sapphire; Rarity x Noteworthy
Sapphire likes fashion and nice things like Rarity, but she's a lot tougher and laid back than Rarity. And a lot flirtier, despite not actually wanting a relationship.
-Lightning Bug; Rainbow Dash X Zephyr Breeze
Lightning loves flying, but she doesn't want to be a Wonderbolt like her mom; she wants to be a member of the royal guard. (NYEH HEH HEH(im sorry)) She also has a passion for writing, because she spends a lot of time with Daring Do. She's also good friends with Spirit. She's pretty much the tough moody type.

So yeah, there we go. Im trying to do a bit more with the main ng, so more of that soon.
Macaron and Cheesecake- Alt. Gen
MORE ALT NG CUZ I HAVE NO LIFE Anywho, Here we have Macaron, (left) Daughter of Derpy and Zecora, and Cheesecake, (right) Daughter of Discord and Cheese Sandwich. Macaron is very cheerful and friendly, but not really in a crazy way. Cheesecake is just all over the place. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect from the child of Discord and Cheese.
Dementia Equestria Girls
Ok so Dementia was born looking like Chrysalis and Sombra in the EG world too, and her skin was about the same color it is here. Instead of changing with magic, she just dyed her hair. Her eyes, however, just changed one night and she doesn't know why.


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